Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Give the Indian Cricket Team a Break !!!

The Indian cricket team has been pummelled in the past one year after winning the world cup. They lost badly in England and have now got completely out classed in Australia. The Indian Cricket team led by ther dashing captain Mahi - Mahender Singh Dhoni would do no wrong but then suddenly it seemed that the fight had gone out of them. England was a disaster and the same form has continued in Australia. The batting crumbled, the bowling got plastered , Dhoni's captaincy was terrible, in short..nothing went right. The media, critics and the fans had a field day panning them. To add to their woes, the players started to fight amongst themselves. Various reasons were attributed to the teams dismal performance:-
(a) Too much cricket (world cup followed by IPL )
(b)  Lack of interest in ODI and test cricket (not as financially lucrative as IPL, so they want to save their bodies).
(c) Lack of form (Sehwag, Ishan, Pathan...)
(d) Factionalism
(e) Obsession with Sachin's 100th 100...
(f) Change of coach - Duncan Fletcher has a terrible record...

Well..the list is endless and some more can be added to the list !!! But, lets hold our horses for a moment and give the Indian team a break... I mean, when the Indian team beats Australia or England or whichever team at home, the fans go ballistic...and the team which has been plastered gets plastered by their media at home..Flat pitches not withstanding !!!  They too start baying for the heads of their NPP (Non performing players). The Indian Media goes ga-ga on the Indian teams performance and ALL IZZ WELL. Fame is a Fickle mistress and the recent events have shown the stalwarts of the team that they too are not immune from a consistent bad patch.. But to be fair...we need to give our team a break and not badger them with negativity....

All said and done.. this bad patch is nothing new and was probably expected. People were tired of cricket and winning on the trot can become boring... so in that sense, this dimal performance by the team was expected and probably good brought out in the article Winning and the Indian Cricket team
Bad performances like these are actually good - Non performing seniors can be junked, new players can be blooded and they get a chance too...and the team gets an infusion of energy..which can be so uplifting. Therefore,,cricket fans dont despair,,,its always darkest before dawn, and what goes up must come down. So I predict a reversal of fortunes for the Indian Team...the IPL shall be moderate this year with player revenues heading southwards..which shall give them a rude shock and therefore, hopefully force them to give their best for the Indian team...and we shall end 2012 on a high note..So like I said, stop worrying, no, obsessing  about sachin's 100th ton, give the Indian team a break and let them regroup...

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