Sunday, October 9, 2016

Death Does Not Become Her

Death Does Not Become Her.
 I composed this poem after a spate of news regarding various suicides committed by women ( famous ones like Jiah Khan, Pratyusha and other girls etc) over love. The aim is to tell girls not to commit suicide over love with callous boys. To have self respect and the courage to walk away before it destroys their self respect. Here it goes :-

Three days ago , I saw you cry
For no reason, no matter why
Why should a happy girl be sad
Nothing in life is ever so bad

Friends and family,wondered aloud
Your sadness, did their happiness cloud
‘Cause happiness , much in season
Should not cause grief, without reason

Suddenly, A news flash on TV,
A suicide, we could not believe
The same girl, took her life
No anger, no seeming strife

A boy, for whom she killed herself ,
For unrequited  love, the heartless elf
For shattered dreams, loss of trust
One sided, blinded by lust

What drives one to such despair
Where no hope lives, no one cares
Death seems the only answer
To a bleak future spreading like cancer

Girls , Let me get started
Love is not for the faint hearted
Winning and losing, part of the game
Cheating just drives you insane

Sadness one feels is expressed
With tears and berating, at best
Never an option, Death’s adoption
Depriving someone else of your affection

Learn to face success and failure
With equanimity and composure
No boy is worth ever your  life
Never, never be seduced by a knife

Dont let boys or their  dearth
Rule your life, esteem and hearth
Your are a woman, your own identity
The mistress of your own destiny

Your worth is defined by you
Not boyfriends, husbands or brothers
Respect is what you deserve
Jettisoning those don’t to it adhere

Dear girls, enough said
Don’t love to end up dead
Use love to enrich your soul
Have the courage to be alone

The future is yours to behold
Death will come as foretold
Hold your head high, fight the world
You are a woman, your power unfurled.