Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How to beat the Hum-Drum of Daily Existence

 There are days when you cant just wait to get to office, try out that brilliant Idea that hit you while in the shower and prove to the world what a genius you are. On the other hand, there are days when all you want to do is stay at home, not even pick up a call and just be content to vegetate. How does one do something useful in office when your mood is the latter.  Well...to cut a long story short --nothing!!!!
Why does it happen!!! Well...to simplify it--Either too much of the same thing (continuous excitement, Fire Fighting or long period of Inaction) can trigger it or the fact that you no longer enjoy the job  or have learnt whatever you wanted. Its time to move on.
I guess there isnt a cure for it!!! In order to avoid it, therefore, you need to be like Richard Branson. Live on the Edge..seek thrills, do weird stuff...and if you are not upto it..vegetate in front of the TV!!!!
I have found a cure but it takes too much effort.. If you want to try it...go ahead..
Think of an Idea, anything ..it could be fishing, computers, skating etc. Then try to apply what you do at your present job to find something in common, Once you get that, try to change it to something exactly like your job. Thats it..simple right :) Not exactly...you shall realise what an effort it is to draw parallels between two completely different things. And what if this also does not work??? Well this calls for drastic steps...Just stop what you are doing and start doing a repetitive manual job that does not require any thinking to be done (like digging the flower bed or just sawing wood or doodling on a piece of paper). Take it from me people..you shall find new ways to look at your existing job..and escape the Humdrum and boredom of daily existence. 

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