Monday, March 5, 2012


"Come on, lets go and see the Iron Lady", pleaded my wife.
"I really am not interested to watch Maggie dominate the screen the way she dominated England", I replied and went back to reading Superfreakonomics and the economics of prostitution..
Well, needless to say, you all know how that went...I was dragged to watch the movie anyway.. and I must admit (albeit reluctantly) how profundly the movie affected me.

No, this is not an other movie review, though I must admit the movie scores brilliantly on all aspects of movie making - taut screenplay, some fabulous acting by Meryl streep and riveting cinematography all make it a must watch, but the lessons in pyschology and politics that come across clearly are worth mentioning and emulating (maybe)..
The first - No one want to know the truth, least of all face it, if it involves hardship to oneself.   Maggie knew what was good for Britain and what was required to be done to resolve the deep pit it found herself in, but the people revolted and she almost lost her job for implementing hard decisions. 

Lesson learnt- In politics, hard decisions are hard on your career and may even end it.

The second - There is nothing like a War to divert people's mind off mundane things like unemployment and inflation. (Sounds familiar, isnt it...George Bush, afghanistan...)

When maggie found herself in a fix, the Argentinians came to her rescue and attacked Falklands. Her decision to war with Argentina united the British people and took their minds off the hard decisions and actually contributed to the growth of Britain).

The Third - Even if you know you are correct and the others are wrong, bull dozing your way through will go against you, however good your decisions may be for the general good.

Many times when we know we are correct and if things were done your way, the results would benefit everyone, we become all righteous and get passionate, drowning out views of other people and trying to get your way through. Remember, even if your are correct, you have to sell your ideas to the non believers because thrusting the same down their throat shall be matter how high or powerful you are.

The Fourth - If you admonish in public, the affected person shall forever hold a grudge against you and will turn against you when you need them the most.

Hard truths are unpalatable because they require tough actions to remedy, which would lead to hardships. That is something no one likes, so you must sell your ideas, your views, with patience and understanding, learning to accept dissent, learning to agree to disagree and moving ahead, for every person wants to feel important, wants to be a part of the process, wants to be acknowledged. Sharing credit is the best way to ensure lasting prosperity for all... Thats why Thatcher was ousted by her own team ...she could've done much more and Britain would be very powerful today if she was at the helm..but history and maggie had other plans....

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