Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Parting is such Sweet Sorrow - Or is it?

Goodbye's are tricky - you hate some, you love some.

 Check out this song by Train - 50 Ways to say  goodbye

Imagine saying goodbye to the fab gal/guy you just met at the party or wherever and hit it off with.

You want to sleep,
you want to eat,
Every second your heart beep's,
It's her you want to always meet

Never part
Always in her arms
Till  suddenly one day
Your heart goes astray

You want out
Without a rout
You say goodbye
leave with a shout

Or what about that bore you met, who couldn't stop talking and boasting, how do you get rid of that person, without making them feel bad?  
What about that interesting and powerful person you met? You want to hang around him/her because you are enjoying yourself, you really dont want to say good bye.  
Saying Goodbye is an art. What to say in different situations and with elan is sheer artistry.!!!  
So what are the ways one says good bye and their meanings- lets check it out.

The Breakup Goodbye
  1. The classic - Sweetheart - we need to talk - always dangerous!!!!
  2. The hand wringing - Baby , i want to tell you something _ Oh Boy, are we in trouble". This is one goodbye which involves a lot of emotion, crying, time etc.
  3. The Uppercut - The fastest goodbye - Baby - we're done. Bye!! This is one uppercut that floors you and leaves you on the ground stunned. Clean and efficient, does the job well!!!
  4. The Insult -  Baby, you smell/fart/look like a dork etc..  or have you looked at yourself. Very demeaning and makes you feel like shit!
  5. The Ignore - The cowards way out - Stop returning calls, messages, avoid the person on the street...
  6. The Proxy - Send a message through someone or a courier - We're done!
Friendly Goodbye's
  1. Classic - Bye , see you/ya, catch you later - all ok.
  2. Let's catch up sometime -  How about never or if you call , shall consider! These are mostly always rendered without any contact details.
  3. We must do this again - Swings both ways , depending on what tone and expression the other person used .
  4. It's been nice meeting you - Like I care!!! But have a good life, dont bother meeting me in a hurry. Tell me your name next time we meet - I may not remember it..!!!
  5. Bye, Bye, Bye , I gotta run or Somethings come up- The polite brush off, said to a person you would be happy to say goodbye and never meet.
  6. So Give me your number and Lets get together sometime - A good sign that the meeting has gone off well... and there is a chance for something in the future.
GoodBye's related to work
  1. Great doing business with you - Always a good sign - potential for the future.
  2. Ok, Lets fix up something - In trouble pal!
  3. Call me -  Disaster - almost never a good sign.
  4. Listen, I gotta run, another meeting - Boy, am I glad to run. Byeeee and dont call again
I'm sure, there are many other ways to say . In fact , if you come across some good ones, be sure to let me know. Shall add it my repertoire..!!!

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