Tuesday, December 4, 2012

That Sinking Feeling - The Demons Within

Have you ever experienced "that sinking feeling"?, where in you feel that something bad is about to happen and that there is nothing you can do to prevent it? Your mind plays tricks on you, ghastly scenarios that  show you as a pauper, greviously injured or just wasting away at a hospital- cloud your mind. Your heart rate increases, your breathing is ragged, your eyes wander around aimlessly in panic and there is a feeling of total despair - There is no hope, there is nothing you can do- in short you're doomed!!!!!

Well, if you have, welcome to the legions of people who have and if you haven't , then its only a matter of time when it shall strike you. Sounds absolutely fatalistic, does it not? Well, the human mind is the ultimate reality that you shall encounter and believe me, the day it decides to take you on the trip mentioned above, you can only weather the storm and brave it out. The mind, brain, fantasy, reality - call it whatever you want to - the only truth is what it makes us believe. That truth is your truth. The reality may be different - like what is twilight to someone may be Dawn to another. If the majority of people call it Dawn, you accept and ignore the one that calls it twilight. This means what the majority wants, becomes the reality. If you want to protect your reality, then you need to start protecting what you feel makes it real. You need to have the force to ensure it by disposing off the disbelievers.

But what can you do about that feeling of total despair, hopelessness? The only way, my friend, is to weather it out. You need to accept the fact that the sinking feeling is due to many fears that exist in your mind manifesting themselves. Those very fears that lay deep within the dark recesses of your mind and work their way into your memories, just waiting to be triggered, could mean the difference between your life, sanity or death.

The mind is a strange and a wonderful thing. Can  you control it? Well If you can, the sky is the limit for you, you can achieve anything. If you become a slave to your mind, then your life can be hell because you can't control what you feel or what you want to do. In brief - That sinking feeling shall be more of a regular occurrence and you shall be miserable through out your life. Your negative thoughts influence the atmosphere around you and, in general, misery shall prevail.

So what is the solution? Its quite simple really. You need to confront your fears - What is it that is troubling you? Be honest and the answer shall surprise and liberate you at the same time.

Once you've confronted your fears, you need  ask your self "What is the worst that can happen"? Once you have got that answer(and it wont be something that you like!!) You need to find solutions to it. Dont try to go at it alone, Ask your friends, family, relatives... even your boss. You shall find people are only too glad to help you. In fact, they love it!!! and most of the advice they give you shall be reasonably sound.. :)

The takeaway from this post is simple - There is no where to run, no where to hide-especially when it concerns your mind. You need to buckle down, face the fact, accept the problem and then strangely enough- You shall be liberated from that sinking feeling. The demons shall no longer have a hold on you. You are free because you know what you want to do and what shall make you happy.. :)

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