Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Rate of Growth vs Afternoon Siesta

After a long time i got to take a nice afternoon siesta today. When I woke up, feeling all refreshed and sparky, I went for a nice stroll ( the morning being quite hectic). As it often happens, my best ideas come while I am taking a walk or a jog and communing with nature. It struck me, why do we all work with such passion and fervour to achieve a phenomenal rate of growth. What will we do once we achieve that rate ? Will we be satisfied or will we hunger for more? Just because a company has notched up a phenomenal rate of growth, does it mean thats the way to go. All of us in this world are working furiously to ensure the economy/country grows at a fantastic pace, but do we take a step back and see what damage this relentless pursuit of profit and growth is causing us?
We work for 10-12 hrs a day, six days a week. We neglect our family and our health . At the end of the day a major chunk of our earnings goes towards sustaining this maniacal devotion to work, this hunger for achievment. The problems faced by everyone are the same, rich or poor, developed country or developing country. Our craze for growth and profit has resulted in rapid consumption of Natural resources, inequitable distribution of wealth and period bouts of growth and recession. I mean, it does not take a rocket scientist or an economist to figure out this demand supply, boom-bust cycle.

Why cant we just decide enough is enough. Let us settle for a growth rate of say 2 %. Lets see what can happen:-
1. Consumption of natural resources shall reduce. May help in reducing global warming.
2. As companies do not aggressively pursue a high growth rate, every employee shall have more time( the afternoon siesta comes in here)
3. Assured job, with less stress would mean lower health problems..therefore probably happier people and families.
4. Population explosion shall probably reduce as parents shall have time for educating and teaching their children...

Well, naysayers shall say that what about getting infrastruture to the masses, inclusive growth and other issues...well I am sure like with any self correcting and organising system that too shall fall in place and may result in an happier world.

BTW, I would like to make it clear that I am not a communist nor a capitalist...I am an Inclusist..Figure out what that means..

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  1. Interesting piece.... I compeletely second the idea of a slower and more meaningful world, am not really sure we are happier in the midst of all this hectic activity